LimeOut Taco Shuttles

The most comfortable and hassle free wsay to get to Lime Out! As the first floating taco bar of its kind, Lime Out offers a unique dining experience in the US Virgin Islands. Parents can imbibe in hand craft cocktails and delicious tacos, while the kids can frolic on the lilypads and taste local juices-all within the embrace of the Caribbean Sea.

Sit at the swim up bar, the green lilypads, or order tacos to your boat. As a Coral Bay based company, we work closely with the Lime Out team to deliver you the best experience on your trip. As such, we have adapted their Earth-centric boating practices, like offering insulated cups and refillable triple filtered water (no PLASTIC water bottles) for your convenience, encouraging guests to bring cans (which can be recycled through Island Green Living on STJ) vs glass bottles, as well as providing Raw Elements USA Reef Safe sunscreen to all our guests. Let’s all work together to keep STJ the beautiful place we all love!

Offering three shuttle boat sizes, we can accommodate a wide range of group sizes.

PER PERSON: Salt+Lime Express runs per person trips to Lime Out on the :45 of every hour (except the first time at 10:30am), MON-FRI. We are working with Lime Out directly to make a streamline experience for you! $30/pp plus cash gratuity. Ages 6+ welcome. Pick up is at the dirt boat ramp, next to the concrete dinghy dock. Book directly online!

SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS: KNOT E BUOYS and SALT SHAKER can take up to 6 passengers privately. Great for groups that want to order tacos to the boat or have the option of the boat nearby. Pick up is at the concrete dinghy dock. Book directly online!

LARGE PRIVATE GROUPS: Our double decker pontoon boats, the SALT DECKs, can take up to 12 passengers and have use of the slide. Great for larger parties or groups that want to hang on the boat. Some want to swim up and some want to eat on the boat? Perfect! Great for kids and families. Plus we can combine any number of our Salt Decks for a tandem group of up to 36 people. Pick up is at the dirt boat ramp. SALT DECK taco runs must be made via email or phone-contact us or call (340)690-7258. Texts and facebook messenger are not ideal, as they get lost in the shuffle.

Want more time or to add some snorkeling? Check out our half and full day charter options.


Included onboard all charters

How much does it cost?
  • SALT+LIME Express public per person trip is $30/pp. Ages 6+.
  • KNOT E BUOYS/SALT SHAKER private trip is $175 (up to 6 passengers).
  • SALT DECK private trip is $350 (up to 12 passengers).
Where does it pick up?

All trips leave out of Coral Bay, St. John. 

  • SALT+LIME Express and SALT DECKs pick up at the dirt boat ramp, next to the Coral Bay dinghy dock. 
  • KNOT E BUOYS/SALT SHAKER pick up on the concrete dinghy dock
Where do I park?

Complimentary parking available near the Skinny Legs parking lot and near the concrete dinghy dock. Please do not block the boat ramp!

If I don’t have a car, how do I get there?

You will need to reserve a taxi in advance. Please make sure you secure a ROUNDTRIP taxi, as there are not a lot of taxis around Coral Bay. Start with Owen 340-626-6274 (based out of Coral Bay), but you may also call these taxi drivers:

  • Chico: 340-690-6507
  • Moses: 340 642 2043
  • Owen: 340-626-6274
  • Elvis: 340-642-0555
  • Ricky Penn: 340-513-1627
  • Merv: 340-690-1244
  • Erin: 340-344-4234
  • Avery: 340-690-0177
  • Starfish: 340-998-6139
  • Clayton: 340 626 0573
  • Tafari Oliver 340 998 0231
  • Lisa and Mitchell 340-513-7444
Coming from STT

If you are coming from STT, you need to take either the car barge (with your own rental car) and drive to Coral Bay OR take the Red Hook ferry to Cruz Bay, then taxi to Coral Bay. If you taxi, you MUST reserve your return trip from Coral Bay to Cruz Bay as well. There are no taxis waiting in Coral Bay. Check for ferry schedules.

PLAN AHEAD, there is a lot of moving parts and time involved in coming from STT. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. It's a great way to come to St. John, go to Lime Out, and then have your taxi driver show you around St. John!

Be on time!
  • Salt+Lime is not responsible for transportation to and from the shuttle. Be considerate of the other passengers on the shuttle. NO SHOWS (this includes showing up late) will be charged the FULL amount plus 20%.
  • Private trips also run on a schedule. If you are late, the time missed cannot be made up for.  

PLAN AHEAD for island time. There is ALWAYS a goat, tractor, bus, water truck, or chicken crossing the road...


What is included?
  • PER PERSON TRIPS: A colorful Captain, fuel, triple filtered water, and select merch available for purchase (sunscreen stick, hat and drybags).
  • PRIVATE TRIPS: A colorful Captain, fuel, triple filtered water, insulated cups for your use, FREE koozies/stickers and access to all our merchandise.
What do I bring?
  • Small towel, reef safe sunscreen, credit card (easiest way to pay at Lime Out), hat/sunshirt, dry bag if you have one. Don’t bring anything you don’t want to get wet to Lime Out.
  • Dry bags are available for purchase onboard your charter for $35. Keep in mind they will fit a small towel and limited personal belongings-pack light!
Do I need to make a reservation?
  • Yes, absolutely yes.
  • PER PERSON TRIPS: You can chance it by walking up to the shuttle location and hope to get on, but there is no guarantee. Best bet is to book your ticket online. You can book up to an hr in advance! BOOK HERE!
  • PRIVATE TRIPS: We DO NOT wait at the dock and see if people show up. You need to secure your spot by booking online or emailing/calling. or (340)690-SALT.
How many people are allowed on the boat?
  • PER PERSON TRIPS:12 people on SALT+LIME Express
  • PRIVATE TRIPS: 6 people on KNOT E BUOYS/SALT SHAKER and 12 people on SALT DECK. We can do tandem charters for large groups with a combination of boats-please email us for more info!
Is the shuttle private or per person?

We have BOTH! There are three different types of boats. Per person on SALT+LIME Express, small private trips on Knot E Buoys or Salt Shaker, or large private trips on our Salt Decks.

Can I get dropped off at LimeOut and then get picked back up?

Only our per person trips are dropped off at Lime Out. Passengers on per person trips are limited to ages 6+ and all guests must bring our yellow snorkel belts with them. Private trips have their Captains and boat stay near the guests. Safety is our number one priority and we want to ensure you have a great experience.

What time do you do Taco Runs?
  • 10:30-12:45pm
  • 11:45-1:45pm
  • 12:45-2:45pm
  • 1:45-3:45pm
  • 2:45-4:45pm
  • 10:15-12:30, 1-3pm,  and 3:30-5:30pm.
Can we sit on the floating green Lily Pads or the swim up bar?

Lily pads are available on a first come, first serve basis. Lime Out opens at 11am, allowing guests to swim over from their boats at 10:45. Send your fastest swimmer first (think Olympic style sprint) and you should be set. Floats and seats at the bar are constantly opening up, if you wait and watch they will become available.

What happens if there aren’t seats available at the Lily Pads or swim up bar?
  • Per Person trips: We will do our best to get you seats on a lilypad or swim up bar. Guests are frequently changing over so there is usually always space available
  • Private trips: You can order tacos to the boat, for a $10 fee. Or, as mentioned above, you can watch and wait for one to open up. Private trips are great for groups when some people want to swim over and some want to stay on the boat. We have plenty of shade and spots to enjoy tacos on the boats. Plus, we’ve got saddle floats, snorkel belts (for flotation, not snorkeling) and on SALT DECK, our WATERSLIDE.
Can we snorkel on Taco Runs?

No. It is a working harbor and LOTS of boat traffic around Lime Out. If you would like to snorkel, we recommend a half or full day charter. On a half day, we can do 1 or 2 snorkeling spots before Lime Out. On a full day, we can do 3-4 spots and LimeOut.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations WITHIN 7 days of trip will NOT receive a refund but you can try and reschedule, if available, for another timeslot (you must do so before your original scheduled ticket time). If there is no availability, tickets will not be refunded.

Use of our reusable stainless steel insulated 20oz SALT DECK cups
Yeti Silo cooler stocked with cold purified water
Raw Elements Reef-safe sunscreen
Changing room and sink
Ample shade and sunning areas
Top deck access
snorkel gear for all ages
Free parking near dock
Plenty of cooler space for your drinks + snacks
Selfie Station/Photobooth
Surround sound blue tooth sound system
Convenient online booking and waiver system
Convenient boarding and pickup

Free parking and convenient pick up locations

We offer a hassle-free convenient pickup and drop off location right in the heart of Coral Bay.

Coral Bay Boat Ramp/Dinghy Dock – close to Skinny Legs Bar & Grill. Take Centerline Rd to Coral Bay. At the Coral Bay Welcome Sign – Continue East (left). After the Fire Station turn Right – Continue towards the water. Park anywhere in general area-DO NOT BLOCK boat ramp. SALT+LIME and SALT DECK shuttles pick up at the dirt boat ramp to the left of the concrete dinghy dock. Salt Shaker and Knot E Buoys pick up at the concrete dinghy dock.