Deep Sea Fishing In The USVI

Take the sport fishing
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With over 20 years of Atlantic and Pacific fishing experience, Salty Daze USVI has the tools and knowledge to get you on the fish!

Deep-sea fishing in the Virgin Islands provides a unique and exciting opportunity to wrangle some of the ocean’s most majestic creatures.  As our islands raised from the sea beds, they created a vast ecosystem that many species of fish flourish and hunt in. Thus, the Virgin Islands are home to world renowned sportfishing!

To the north of the St. John, lies the infamous North Drop.  These world famous fishing grounds are only 15 miles from St. John and St. Thomas.  The bottom contours go from about 250’ up to the ledge then drop off to more than 4000’ deep!  The huge drop and rushing currents create a perfect environment for upwelling, while the bait-rich waters attract the largest of pelagic fish.  The run to the North drop is reserved for our Full Day and Marlin Trips due to the hour it takes to get to the grounds.

Not doing a Full Day trip?  Worry not, we’ve got another fantastic spot for you, the aptly named South Drop.  Just like it’s cousin to the North, the South Drop goes from about 200’ to over 3000’. It has pinnacles spread all over these fruitful waters which create some fun opportunities for a whole range of activity. Oh, and did we mention it’s only 7 miles south of the St. John!

Both of these areas are known for being great spots to target our more popular species like Mahi-mahi (Dolphin or Dorado), Wahoo, Blackfin and Yellowfin Tuna, King Mackerels, and even Marlin.  It’s not uncommon to find large weed lines, floating debris, and birds working all along the drops.  Our talented captains know exactly what to look for and how to get you on the fish!

Included in all charters: beer, water, ice, fuel, bait, tackle, ,captain and equipment. Call for availability and booking! (340) 690-SALT


Included onboard all charters

Ice and Water
A qualified and colorful Captain
Coolers for your personal beverages and food
Bluetooth sound system (play your own music)
Private bathroom and sink
various saddle floats and snorkel belts
snorkel gear for all ages
Free take home Salty Daze koozies and cups!

We recommend you bring

Sunscreen (NON-Aerosol)
Sunglasses, sun shirt, hat and towel/sarong
Whatever food and drink you want (no glass bottles please)
Cash/credit cards for food purchase (*cash is king in the Caribbean)
Cash gratuity for your Captain is always appreciated after a great salty day!
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Convenient boarding and pickup

Free parking and convenient pick up locations

We offer a hassle-free convenient pickup and drop off location right in the heart of Coral Bay.

Coral Bay Boat Ramp/Dinghy Dock – close to Skinny Legs Bar & Grill. Take Centerline Rd to Coral Bay. At the Coral Bay Welcome Sign – Continue East (left). After the Fire Station turn Right – Continue towards the water. Park anywhere in general area-DO NOT BLOCK boat ramp.

 SALT+LIME and SALT DECK shuttles pick up at the dirt boat ramp to the left of the concrete dinghy dock. Salt Shaker and Knot E Buoys pick up at the concrete dinghy dock.