Water Island

The tiniest of the four main islands, Water Island, is a truely unique experience. Located just off the bustling port of Crown Bay Marina, this idyllic island is completely shut off from the chaos of St. Thomas. Accessible only by water taxi or boat, this little slice of paradise is calm, quiet and the perfect destination for your private boat charter from St. John. Salty Daze USVI would love to take you there!

Making your way from Cruz Bay aboard Salt Shaker, you will soar through Pillsbury Sound, passing Great St. James, Christmas Cove and the infamous PizzaPiVI (why not grab a pie for the ride over?). Feeling like a snorkel? Take a detour to Buck Island and swim in the depths with green and hawksbill sea turtles. Once you’ve dried off and caught your breath, we will pass the busy port of Charlotte Amelie and see some of the largest cruise ships (aren’t you glad your on Salty Daze USVI and not on a cattle boat?). As you leave the crowds in the distance, a strip of white sand emerges and you land at Honeymoon Beach. If you haven’t eaten, check out Dinghy’s Beach Bar for local fare. Or check out Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill, a small seaside operation offering gourmet food at a fair price. Water Island is always a good idea for a private boat charter…Book yours with us now!