Explore America’s Paradise from the water.

Maximize your time and money by seeing local waters. Best part is, no passport, no problem!

Enjoy a nice half day by hitting a couple great snorkel spots. Maho Bay is a favorite for sea turtle sightings, while Waterlemon Cay has bountiful starfish and rays. Perhaps the perfect photo of your trip is what you seek? Stop by Mermaid’s chair to live out your inner Ariel on one of St.John’s smallest beaches (… it also has great snorkeling).

After a couple of dips in the water, your stomach is bound to let you know what time it is. You can bring your own lunch or we can grab something on board. Pizza Pi (floating PIzza bar in Christmas Cove, St.Thomas), Abi Beach Bar (serving cold drinks and great food, St. Thomas), Bikinis on the Beach (great burgers and sandwiches on Honeymoon Beach, St.John) and Dinghy’s Beach Bar (cozy tiki bar and grill, Water Island, St.Thomas) are all great food options! If youre looking to maximize your time onboard, we suggest picking up something at North Shore Deli (get a Jumbie, you’ll thank us later) before your charter.

Will you be staying with us for the rest of the day? We can circumnavigate the whole island! Leave no stone unturned!

Bring your bucket list of sights or simply let our captain take you on your own adventure. Half day or full day, you will have unforgettable memories!

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