Meet Your Salty Daze Captains

Captain Justin

Salt Deck

Justin’s love of the water started very early on the back bays of the Jersey shore. This love blossomed after his eight and a half years in the Navy. Upon separating from the service, he started his commercial career working on tugboats throughout the Hawaiian Islands and Pacific ocean. Since his start, he has climbed the ranks and now splits his time between Salty Daze Charters USVI and working on board drill ships in the Gulf of Mexico. as a licensed uscg 100 ton master, Justin’s experience ranges from sport fishing, tour boats, barges and beyond. In his free time (yes, he has some), he loves spending it with his lovely family exploring the islands and relaxing with friends at the beach. From fishing, surfing, diving and paddle boarding, Justin feels at home above and below the surface.

Captain Landry

Meet Captain Landry! Holding a 50 ton master license, Landry is the guy you’ll most likely see from day to day. Started crewing for grandpa on his Lake Michigan salmon charter boat when he was 5. At 10, he took boaters safety so he could operate his own boat. Spent the next 25 years chasing bikinis, fish , sunburns and sunsets all over the Great Lakes. Driving boats in the Caribbean was his retirement dream until he realized life is short and you only get one swing. Quit his corporate job and sold his house to drive the only double decker pontoon in the Caribbean! His daily diet consists of tacos (he literally eats them EVERYDAY) and he’s got the skinny on some stellar snorkel spots.

Salt Deck

Captain Jeremy

Salt Deck

Meet Captain Jeremy! You’ll likely see this charismatic character on Sundays, slinging bubbles from the back deck or telling tales of sunken anchors of yesteryears. Jeremy is an avid sailor, racer and coach and has been a licensed captain for over 20 years, now holding a USCG 100 Gross Ton Master’s License. He has owned many boats and has innumerate professional experience on both sail and power driven vessels-now, including pontoon boats. If it can float, Jeremy can drive it! He’s an expert lobster hunter, turtle tracker and he’s got some pretty sweet dance moves.

Captain Bob

Meet Captain Bob!


Captain Jordon

Hailing from Dallas, TX, Jordan contributes 10 years of VI sailing experience and a 100 ton US Coast Guard license to Salty Daze. His extensive background on the VI water brings local knowledge and secret hidden gems. Come hear some Caribbean lore and an amazing buccaneer joke or two! 

Captain Spencer

Captain Spencer ( the guy in the middle) was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of the great state of Texas. At the young age of 18, while studying at Texas A&M Kingsville, he received his USGC Captain’s License. During college Spencer guided duck, deer and quail hunts in the winter season and fishing in the summer, his true passion. After graduating with a Bachelors in Agriculture Business & Ranch management, he decided he wanted to pursue travel and fishing full time. Once landing a good job aboard a 60ft sport-fishing boat, he spent his days traveling the world, charging Marlin and other billfish. While splitting his time between Texas, Florida and the Bahamas, Spencer looked south to the Caribbean. He came to visit friends and he now calls the USVI home! Come spend the day with Captain Spencer and hear some amazing stories and learn from one of the best Caribbean fishermen!