A Great Voyage with Salty Daze Charters

If it’s your first time going out on a boat, you may not know what to expect. That’s why we’ve made our experience really convenient and comfortable for our passengers. We want you to be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get out on the water!

At Salty Daze USVI Charters, a local veteran-owned business, our focus is on making the experience great for those who invest in this kind of maritime sightseeing adventure. Boating is so much fun for so many people – but it’s more fun when it’s set up the right way, and when you can expect the right amenities and luxuries on board.

Our good ship “Salt Shaker,” a 31-foot Mako Cuddy cabin, is outfitted with bathroom facilities, bean bags, and much more, so that passengers can lounge in comfort and check out the scenery in an atmosphere that makes every trip a delight – the boat is stocked with ice and bottled water, snorkeling gear, and other must-haves for making the most of your day. The snorkeling around here is simply marvelous – but it’s not the only way to enjoy the scenery. It’s up to you. 

Our Captains know these waters, and as they take you on a unique excursion, you can get where you’re going in the smoothest and most comfortable way possible. We want to make our guests feel like they’re in their comfort zones, and that they feel free to ask questions, to get informed about the experience, and to interact with our helpful staff and crew. 

Rough waters aren’t the only thing that boaters have to contend with on the seas. Some boats just don’t have a very welcoming build or layout, and for example, if you’re going on a charter fishing boat that’s for the professional or semi-pro, there’s a chance it isn’t really something the whole family is going to enjoy.

At Salty Daze USVI Charters, we make it our mission to get you around in comfort, a concession to beginners and landlubbers alike. We’re excited to show you the local USVI waters or areas around Jost Van Dyke, the canyons for fishing, and much more. Get out to the British Virgin Islands, which one of our guests described as a “Corona commercial” and relax! It’s all part of getting a great boat tour that you won’t forget. Look for more details on our web site, which documents the amenities that we offer, our philosophy of service, and the fun that our guests get up to on the water and around local islands. And don’t forget – you’re guaranteed a “qualified and colorful captain!” (insert smile sunglasses emoji here) – Seriously though – talk to us about your next USVI trip.